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Monday, July 19, 2010

So I'm lying here, just staring at the ceiling tiles.

So I'm lying here, just staring at the ceiling tiles.

and I'm thinking about what to think about.

Just listening and relistening to Smiley Smile,

and I'm wondering if this is some kind of creative drought

I've hit a bump in the road so to speak.  Since I last posted I've added an Assault Squad and an Assault Terminator Squad to my force, but I've made no progress in building my army.

I was really psyched when I picked out the Soul Drinkers.  Their color scheme was perfect for me. Purple and Gold remind me of my college days and Green has always been my favorite color.  And then it happened.....I started to read the novels.  I'm on the fourth novel and though they are great reads, they are unfortunately turning me off to building a Soul Drinkers army.  I want an army that I can get behind.  An army that I can believe in.  The Soul Drinkers just seem like a cop out.  Oh we don't like the Imperium, so screw off, but we'll still fight for the Emperor.  I guess it just reminds me of too many things and people in real life.  WH40K should allow you to escape from this exact mentality of I can have my cake and eat it too.  I want an army that stands up for all that's good.  And yet I've sworn to never make an Ultra Marines army.  Now that's a decision I may regret.

With the advantages of building a Space Wolves or Blood Angels army, the only upside to a vanilla Space Marine army is the variety of armies out there.  To say the least I'm a little bummed.  Looks like I'm right back at my original Conundrum.........

Maybe I'll break through my creative drought while I'm lying in bed, like Brian Wilson did.


  1. Vanilla SM also have some shooty units that are not present in all of the other books. Sternguard Vets and Thunderfire Cannons are both solid choices.

    Unless you favor an assaulty marine list, I'd stick with the vanilla. You can always use them as BA or SW later. If you make the equivalent of a unit of Thunderwolf cavalry in your chapter's colors, that isn't very useful unless your playing SW.

  2. I really like the idea of adding some Sternguard Vets, but I just don't like the Thunderfire Cannons. It's just something about the way they look. I may need to get over that?

  3. I feel your pain - it took ages to decide which chapter I wanted to go for but for me it boiled down to colours that I thought would look good (perhaps a bit lame of me, but let's face it, you're going to be painting those colours A LOT, so you might as well like them). If you're not keen on the fluff that's out there for an existing chapter, you're best making up your own - you can make them as righteous and super-heroic as you like!

  4. I've just never had the creativity to come up with my own chapter. This only exercise in painting is the most creative thing I've accomplished and it hasn't turned out well so far.