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Friday, August 20, 2010

Dawn of War II Retribution Announced

I have to say the idea sounds really cool. I've loved the first two sets of this game and loved the Original DoW and it's expansions. For someone who's working on building his army, games like this can really help my creative process. Especially with the color pallets and army editors. Should be interesting to see the updates come out on this one over the next few months. I wonder if the Tau will be the new army?

BoLS posted the following release from THQ on Wednesday:

New multi-race expansion coming for the critically acclaimed RTS from Relic Entertainment

Taking place years after the events in Dawn of War II: Chaos RisingTM, this title allows players to choose their perspective with the first multiple-race single player campaign in the Dawn of War II series. The first race to be revealed is the savage Orks, but no matter which race is chosen players will be taken on an epic journey through each story arc, revealing the answers to many questions left open in previous Dawn of War titles.

As well as the single player campaign, RetributionTM will feature new multiplayer units, maps and an entire new playable faction when it ships.

Jeff Lydell, Producer of Dawn of War II - Retribution commented: “We all love the Blood Ravens here at Relic Entertainment, but there are also a lot of fans of the other races and armies out there so we decided that Retribution should allow the player the freedom to experience the campaign from the perspective they select.”

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II – Retribution is scheduled to be released for Windows PC in the first quarter of 2011.

About Retribution
It is ten years since the events of Chaos Rising and Sub-Sector Aurelia has been in a constant state of warfare with the Imperium struggling to retain control. The apparent betrayal of the chapter by Gabriel Angelos and his Space Marines has shaken the Blood Ravens and now the Imperial forces are beset on all sides by hostile aliens. Retribution allows the player to select the race of their choosing in a battle to determine the very survival or destruction of the entire sector.

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