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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

WeeMen: Land Raider Terminus 'Invictus'

The Land Raider Terminus 'Invictus' is brought to by the guys over at Weemen. They've really gone above and beyond to trick this baby out. It would be amazing for an Apocalypse battle. I stumbled upon this sight the other night and think their work is spot on. I hope the rest of you like it as much.


  1. I have a real fondness for the Terminus conversions that feature two Predator turrets up top. I can imagine, after reducing their enemies to smoking ruins, two Marine gunners popping out of the Predator hatches, swinging the turrets closer together, and reaching over to give each other a (battle-)bro-fist of victory. "Emperor be praised!" *bump*

    I'm gonna build one like that.