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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Last Chance for Little Boy Blues Renaissance Marines - The Hogs of War - 40k Conversions and Tactics

I posted about the sale of this army a little while ago and it looks like it just sold on E-Bay for $3,750. In all honesty I think it was worth every penny.

For more details head over to The Hogs of War.

This is definitely an inspiration to get my butt painting and really work on my technique. It would probably take me years of painting to get this good, but it's a really worthy goal.


  1. I dunno, a bidding war between two people with very little feedback. I'd be really concerned and careful about how the transaction goes.

    Hopefully they don't ask to pay by check, oh and by the way, can I send you some extra cash that you can money order to a friend on mine.

  2. That raises some really good points and a great reason why I rarely use E-Bay.